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D-LUX Screen Printing Customers

D-lUX Screen Printing Customers  

?Trust us with your good name. We?ll make it our best product.?

This is the tagline of a company that has been providing its clients with the highest quality window clings and vinyl decals for over three decades. D-LUX Screen Printing, Inc. always succeeds in providing the most affordable, most creatively designed and best quality professional printing ? guaranteed. Your order will exceed expectations and will always be on time, no matter what.


D-LUX Screen Printing, Inc. is one of the most successful printing companies in the industry. Whether customers order vinyl decals or window clings, the following mission statement is what makes D-LUX Screen Printing, Inc. the top of the class:

"The policy of D-LUX, is to treat each customer as if they were
our only customer. We strive to meet or exceed our customers'
demands, with 100% guarantee on any products we produce."

This company?s main goal is to meet the satisfaction of our clients. D-LUX Screen Printing, Inc. is more than just a printing company. This is the most dedicated team you?ll find in the printing industry. Everyone here is dedicated to their job whether they are designers in the art room or professional printers in the production room. It is this dedication that makes our custom decals so fantastically flawless.


These are the process capabilities offered by the company:

D-LUX Screen Printing can take care of an order for virtually anything. You can rest assured that the final product will be exactly (if not more than) what you are looking for.


When it comes to the printing of custom decals, window clings and stickers, your choice in material is of the utmost importance. Does the product need to be adhesive to a particular surface? Do you need your vinyl decals to be exceptionally durable? Should the final product to be glossy or matt? How intense would you like the design detail to be?

In order to make sure that you are satisfied with the end result, you have the option to choose from this list of materials.


To place an order, simply fill in the online order form or phone 1-800-331-9061 (Toll-Free).

Should you need any other information, simply send an email to customer services at maureena@d-lux.com .