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G7 Master Printer Certificate

G7 Master Printer

As of January 2011, D-Lux takes it to the next level by becoming a G7 Master Printer for proof, screen printing and digital printing. G7 Master Printers print accurately and know they are printing accurately without a print or proof.  G7 Master Printers use the most modern proofing and print technology in the world today.  A G7 Master will balance the C, M and Y equally and not add a color cast to the file.  This creates a neutral gray.  Our extensively trained production team knows a press is producing accurate results by measuring the G7 Master color bar.  The color bar indicates that the grays are balanced and do not have a cast. 

Print Buyers are asking for G7

  • We can produce proofs that can be matched by any other G7 Printer.
  • We can accept files from any other G7 firm or printer.
  • Your repeat orders will always look the same.
  • You do not have to provide a print or proof for accurate color.
  • Your orders move faster.
  • You are simply benefiting from the best color management used today. 
  • That’s the G7 Master difference.



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