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D-LUX Product Overview

Graphic Overlays/Control Panels

Custom graphic overlays for control panels, electronics, dials and gauges. Optional second surface printing for scratch resistance and superior durability. Pick your choice from our custom laminations and adhesives for specific applications.

4 Color Process/POP

Customize you decal or sign by adding a picture done in 65-102 line count.


Make a statement about the quality of your company with a quality company logo decal.

Danger / Warning / Caution

We specialize in Danger, Warning, and Caution decals for any application. We are UL and CSA recognized on many different materials.

Prespaced / Vinyl Cut (Letter-Cal)

These are thermo cut vinyl decals. The excess material is weeded away leaving only the graphic or lettering to be applied. This gives it a painted on look.


Choose from a variety of thicknesses depending on your strength requirements.

Static Cling/Window Decals

Static cling adheres to many smooth surfaces without the need for adhesive. They can also be taken off and reapplied over and over again. Window decals can have the adhesive applied to the face of the decal. This allows you to apply the decal on the inside of the window and read it from the outside.

Special Shapes

With over 10,000 dies in stock, chances are that D-Lux has a size to fit your particular needs. This equals a huge cost savings to you.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a great way to promote your organization. Every bumper sticker made at D-Lux is made to last.

Writeable Decals

We can custom make a writeable decal, where you can fill in your information later.


We have capabilities of doing signs as big as 60”x30”.

Floor Graphics

These are great for in store promotions. A screen printed decal is one of the most durable types of printing, therefore it’s able to withstand moderate to heavy floor traffic.

License Plates

This is where D-lux got its start. 33 years later it still remains one of our strong market segments. Standard license plate material is 20 mil white styrene.

Consecutive Numbering

Whether you need 10 or 10 million, we can do it at D-lux.



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