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Make Your Business Magnetic

D-Lux Screen Printing produces high quality magnets. Screen printed magnets come in single color, multiple color, and 4-color process. D-Lux Screen Printing’s magnets are outdoor durable. For the highest durability try a screen printed domed magnet. A screen printed domed magnet used outdoors will easily last over 10 years. A screen printed domed magnet also has a very eye appealing look to it. Check out our doming now to see how your screen printed magnet may look.

How Strong? You Decide

D-Lux Screen Printings magnets come in a variety of thick nesses depending on how strong you need it to adhere. For example, you may want your magnet to easily hold five or six pieces of paper to the refrigerator without falling off when you open or shut the door. That’s no problem with a .045 mil thick magnet. Screen printed magnets will adhere to almost any metal surface and will adhere and come off of vehicles without damaging.

Any Size or Shape!

Screen printed magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well. You may have a shape custom made for your specific magnet requirements. Some of our more unique magnets are business card magnets, sign magnets, 4-color process magnets, magnetic ads, custom large magnets, calendar magnets, schedule magnets, realtor magnets, tiny magnets, domed magnets, and custom shaped magnets. Call D-Lux Screen Printing for all your screen printed magnet needs.




Real Words from Real Customers
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