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D-LUX EnduroDome

Domed Decals

What is Doming?

D-Lux Screen Printing can improve your image and brand recognition by applying a clear lens over the label. Our doming is manufactured to meet or exceed automotive quality standards. This clear polyurethane doming protects the label and makes it more attractive and appealing. Doming also makes the label highly visible. The 3D appearance and depth will distinguish your products from your competitors thus enhancing your image to your potential customers.

It Sticks and Stays!

EnduroDome will work on an array of materials and inks. Doming will also adhere to most surfaces including curved, rough, smooth and soft. The doming resin will flow and conform to a variety of shapes and sizes. The polyurethane doming resin will not discolor, crack or harden. This protects you label from the harshest environment and is resistant to temperature and moisture extremes.

Want an ever greater 3-D Effect?

To enhance your nameplate or label even more, consider a metallic embossed background or a metallic holographic background. This really brings out the 3D effect.

Add value, appeal and distinction to your product with EnduroDome.

EnduroDome Features

  • Durability
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Enhances your Logo
  • Depth Perception
  • Outdoor Protection
  • Non-yellowing


  • Company Logo Doming
  • Promotional Decal Doming
  • Graphic Overlay Doming
  • Key Pad Doming
  • 4 Color Process Doming
  • Magnet Doming
  • Bumper Sticker Doming
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