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Be Unique

Want a better way to differentiate your company from the competition. You have invested a lot of time and money in coming up with your logo. D-Lux Screen Printing can help you with quality screen printed nameplates, labels and decals to show off your efforts.

We Know Colors

Screen Printing allows you to use colors that are not available with traditional four color process. This is why IBM Blue, Coca-Cola Red cannot be printed with four color process inks.

Let D-Lux Screen Printing custom color match your Corporate logo colors.

D-Lux can offer printing techniques that allow most logos to be screen printed. Other options are available to help your logo differentiate itself from your competition and give you brand recognition. These include: Embossing,
Diecutting, Special Shapes, & Doming.



Real Words from Real Customers
“Many thanks to you, your staff and your die-maker for a job well-done getting my 635-0136 overlay to me not only in a very short time, but completely die-cut. Thanks Again."

Maurice DeLorenzo
Datacom Systems Inc.










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