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We're Experienced

D-lux Screen Printing produces many types of high quality screen printed signs. With over 33 years of screen printing experience, the professionals at D-Lux Screen Printing are ready to assist you in any way possible for all your screen printed sign needs.

Choose your Material

Whether you’re looking for a sign screen printed on plastic, styrene, acrylic, or even magnetic material, D-lux Screen Printing has what you need. Signs can be screen printed and die cut as a single side sign or printed and folded as a double sided sign.


All screen printed signs are weather resistant and can be used for almost all outdoor applications. Some examples of some of our more popular screen printed signs are contractor signs, political signs, real-estate signs, and sale signs. Custom screen printed signs is what we do. Let D-Lux Screen Printing design your next sign.


  • Post on property - Restricted areas, items for sale or rent, post directions or notifications.
  • Retail Stores - Post sign displays by sale items, or anywhere you want to gain attention.
  • The options are really limitless
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…Your firm is one of which we are proud to do business with and would highly recommend.”

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