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Parking Permit Printing

Hang Tag Parking Permits

  • D-Lux produces high quality, screen printed parking permits.
  • Screen printed parking permits come in single color, multiple color, and 4-color process.
  • D-Lux Printing’s parking permits are extremely outdoor durable and will last for several years in the outdoor elements.


Shapes and Sizes
Screen printed parking permits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may have a shape custom made for your specific requirements.

Have your parking permits numbered.  D-Lux can number your parking permits so you may easily assign them to customers, students, staff, or visitors.


Hang tag parking permits are printed on 23 Mil White Polyethylene.  D-Lux can also create custom static cling or permanent decal parking permits.  Free samples are sent out with everyquote


Screen Printed.  Outdoor durable!

Turn Around

7 Business Days



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