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Writeable Decals

Writeable Decals, Labels & Nameplates

You can add information to your indentification nameplate. You can type, laser print, thermal print or deboss any information required.

D-Lux has the materials available which are designed to have you the end-user put your name, serial #, and / or model # on the label.

Theses materials include:

2 mil computer imprintable polyester

  • Thermal Transfer
  • Void Tamper Indicating available
  • Dot Matrix
  • Laser Imprintable

2 mil Vinyl

  • Thermal Transfer - Destructible Tamper indicating available
  • Dot Matrix - Destructible Tamper indicating available

5 mil Retroreflective

  • Thermal Transfer

2 mil matte or glossy aluminum foil




Real Words from Real Customers
“Many thanks to you, your staff and your die-maker for a job well-done getting my 635-0136 overlay to me not only in a very short time, but completely die-cut. Thanks Again."

Maurice DeLorenzo
Datacom Systems Inc.











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