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Writeable Decals

Writeable Decals, Labels & Nameplates

You can add information to your indentification nameplate. You can type, laser print, thermal print or deboss any information required.

D-Lux has the materials available which are designed to have you the end-user put your name, serial #, and / or model # on the label.

Theses materials include:

2 mil computer imprintable polyester

  • Thermal Transfer
  • Void Tamper Indicating available
  • Dot Matrix
  • Laser Imprintable

2 mil Vinyl

  • Thermal Transfer - Destructible Tamper indicating available
  • Dot Matrix - Destructible Tamper indicating available

5 mil Retroreflective

  • Thermal Transfer

2 mil matte or glossy aluminum foil




Real Words from Real Customers
“Thank you for such a quick turnaround time on my logo decals and magnets. We received many compliments on the doming. Our grand opening wouldn’t have been the same without them."

Josh Genz
Secret Sun Inc.











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