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Bumper Stickers

Bumper Sticker D-LUX Screen Printing

We Do Bumper Stickers!

D-Lux Screen Printing produces high quality bumper stickers. Whether you need bumper stickers for business, school or private organization, D-Lux Screen Printing has over 10,000 dies to fit your custom bumper sticker size.

Customized Bumper Stickers

You may also design your own custom die cut shape for a unique screen printed bumper sticker. Bumper stickers are like traveling billboards working for you day in and day out, getting your important message across. Not sure how you want your bumper sticker to look? Let D-Lux Screen Printing design your bumper sticker free of charge. You may also upload a current bumpersticker design using our online quoting service.

Want your screen printed bumper sticker to turn heads?

Add EnduroDome by D-Lux Screen Printing. A weather resistant three dimensional polyurethane raised dome on top of your screen printed bumper sticker. Talk about outdoor durability.

Want a Bumper Sticker that's easily removable?

Another option you may want to consider for your bumper sticker from D-lux Screen Printing would be to make it a magnet. This way you can attach it to any metal surface without damaging it, including your vehicle.

For the D-Lux treatment, consider a Magnetic, Screen Printed, Bumper Sticker with a EnduroDome! A bumpersticker unmatched by the competition. No matter what your bumper sticker needs may be, there’s no maybe when it comes to D-Lux Screen Printing, Inc.

Where to Use Bumper Stickers:



“Thank you for such a quick turnaround time on my logo decals and magnets. We received many compliments on the doming. Our grand opening wouldn’t have been the same without them."

Josh Genz
Secret Sun Inc.










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