D-LUX Screen Printing, Inc.
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About D-LUX Screen Printing

33 Years Experience

In the past 33 years, D-lux Screen Printing has grown from a start-up to a multi-million dollar concern. We have accomplished this through focus on one single thought. D-Lux Screen Printing will always succeed when we provide our customers with excellent printing, on time, all the time, at highly competitive prices.

Our focus on this single thought has helped our customers to succeed in their respective markets. We do this with the highest quality screen-printed decals, signs, nameplates, overlays, and other pressure sensitive materials. Of course award winning quality and top-notch service come at a price. But because of our unique growth we are able to provide some of the most cost effective pricing in the industry.

Mission Statement

"The policy of D-LUX, is to treat each customer as if they were
our only customer. We strive to meet or exceed our customers'
demands, with 100% guarantee on any products we produce."





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