Window Decals

If you are in a row of shops, it can be difficult to stand out from your competitors and to get your business noticed. One of the most effective marketing techniques for you to use can be window decals - a practical solution for making your business look eye-catching and professional, while preserving the brand that you may have created over the years. In this article, we are going to look at other factors that make considering these stickers worthwhile.

If you know that you need branding applied to a window over the long-term, window decals have a permanent adhesive that is hard-wearing and unlikely to deteriorate over time. There's nothing worse than seeing a worn-down shop, and in this competitive era where first impressions are everything, looking clean, tidy and well-presented is vital.

There are also low-adhesive alternatives available in the market which empowers you with the opportunity to remove and readjust window decals where necessary. Should the logos that you use in your business change after a few years, and you wish for your window decals to be updated, these stickers can be manipulated to your specification without much hassle.

Window decals aren't just for businesses to use on their premises, though. If you are looking to market your product or your brand in an innovative new way, you could consider acquiring a bulk order of these stickers to hand out to your loyal customers. From there, they will be able to place these decals in the back of their car, giving you free advertising to the whole world as they drive around town. Assuming that the decals are a safe size, this is a novel approach to boosting sales - and every consumer loves to get a freebie from time to time! If you've ever seen a radio station or a famous quote displayed at the back of someone's car, or even on their license plate, you can be quite sure that these practical and attractive stickers have been used.

Many companies also offer bespoke window decals - allowing you to select the size, quantity and color of your stickers. When making a purchase, it's important to remember that the more square inches on every sticker, the increased amount of money you'll pay for your order. By acquiring decals in bulk if you need them, you will also be able to drive down the cost quite impressively. One firm, D-Lux, quotes $1.84 as the cost for 100 decals which are five square inches in size - however, if the order is for 75,000 of the same stickers, the cost per unit is driven down to just $0.066. As you can imagine, this is why it proves to be a savvy business customer.

Also, as you are in the process of creating the design that you want to appear on your decal, remember to try and keep it basic if you are on a budget. Most printers charge extra for every color you want on your decals, and so restricting yourself to a color scheme of three or four different inks will ensure you don't get a nasty shock when the invoice comes through.






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