Static Stickers

One of the most appealing features to static stickers is the fact that they are so easy to put on, and just as easy to take off any smooth surface. D-Lux produces the highest quality window decals and static stickers in the business. Static stickers and window cling decals have no sticky, messy adhesive but rather feature a cling surface that can be applied to smooth glass, plastic and metal surfaces, whenever the ability to remove them is a concern. One of the first things you will need to decide when you start designing your static stickers and window cling decals is to choose which material to use. Static stickers are available in white and clear material.

They also have a different material for window decals and static stickers which is also available in white or clear that is called ultra cling. Ultra cling is like static cling for static stickers, but it has a removable adhesive on it, perfect for just a little extra adhesion. Static sticker decals can be removed and repositioned once they are applied. Static sticker decals can be removed and saved for a later date and does not leave a residue when it needs to be removed. Window decals are manufactured specifically to be applied to a window. Window decals usually have a permanent adhesive. When the need for static stickers as a decal or window decal arises, call the experts at D-Lux Screen Printing. For over 33 years, D-lux Screen Printing has focused on growing from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar company.

They have accomplished this through concentration on one single thought-to provide the best quality static stickers and provide outstanding customer service. D-Lux Screen Printing always succeeds by being able to provide their customers with excellent printing and static stickers that are delivered on time, all the time, at highly competitive prices.

Their focus on this single thought has helped their customers to succeed in their own respective markets. They do this with the highest quality screen-printed decals, signs, nameplates, overlays, static stickers and other sensitive materials. Of course you can't ignore that their award winning product quality and top-notch service come at a price. But because of their unique growth, they are able now more than ever to provide some of the most cost effective pricing in the industry.






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