Business Magnets

Over the past thirty-three years, D-lux Screen Printing has grown from a small start-up company to become a multi-million dollar concern. D-Lux has accomplished this through focusing on one single thought. D-Lux Screen Printing will always succeed when it provides its customers with an excellent quality printing, an on-time service all the time, and highly competitive prices. D-Lux Screen Printing has established the online site of D-Lux to more quickly be reached by existing and prospective customers wishing to order business magnets. D-Lux has helped its customers to succeed in their own respective markets and does this by offering only the highest quality business magnets, signs, nameplates, overlays, business decals and other pressure-sensitive materials. Award-winning quality and top-of-the-line service comes at a price, but because of D-Lux's unique growth it is able to provide some of the most cost-effective pricing in the industry.

D-Lux can offer printing techniques that allow most business magnets to be screen printed. Other options are available to help customers' business decals and company logos to differentiate their organizations from the competition and give customers valuable brand recognition. D-Lux Screen Printing produces high quality business magnets and the screen printed magnets come in single color, multiple color, and a four color process. D-Lux Screen Printing's magnets are highly outdoor durable. For the highest durability customers might like to select a screen printed domed magnet. Screen printed domed business magnets used outdoors will easily last for more than ten years. Screen printed domed business magnets also have a very eye-catching and appealing look Customers may browse the online site to check out the dome business magnets to gain an idea of the end product. D-Lux Screen Printings business magnets come in a variety of thicknesses depending on how strongly customers need them to adhere.

If the customer would like the business magnets to hold five or six pieces of paper on a refrigerator, a metal cupboard, or a filing cabinet without falling off when the door is open and closed, there will be no problem with a .045 mil thick business magnet. Screen printed business magnets offered by D-Lux will adhere to almost any metal surface and will adhere and come off of vehicles without any damage. Screen printed business magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well, and customers may have a shape custom made for their specific magnet requirements. Some of D-Lux's more unique magnets are business card magnets, sign magnets, 4-color process magnets, magnetic ads, custom large magnets, calendar magnets, schedule magnets, realtor magnets, tiny magnets, domed magnets, and custom-shaped magnets. Call D-Lux Screen Printing for all screen printed business magnet needs and receive a high quality product with a quick turnaround time. Corporations and small businesses invest a great deal of time and money to arrive at a decision regarding the company logo and D-Lux Screen Printing can help with quality screen printed business magnets, nameplates, labels, and business decals to show off the efforts.






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