Business Decals

Over the past thirty-three years, D-lux Screen Printing has grown from a small start-up company to becoming a multi-million dollar concern. D-Lux has accomplished this through focusing on one single thought. D-Lux Screen Printing will always succeed when it provides its customers with an excellent quality printing, an on-time service all the time, and highly competitive prices. D-Lux screen Printing has established the online site of D-Lux to more quickly be reached by existing and prospective customers wishing to order business decals. D-Lux has helped its customers to succeed in their own respective markets and does this by offering only the highest quality business decals, signs, nameplates, overlays, business magnets and other pressure-sensitive materials. Award-winning quality and top-of-the-line service comes at a price, but because of D-Lux's unique growth, it is able to provide some of the most cost-effective pricing in the industry.

D-Lux can offer printing techniques that allow most business decals and logos to be screen printed. Other options are available to help customers' business decals and company logos to differentiate their organizations from the competition and give customers valuable brand recognition. D-Lux Screen Printing produces business decals, window cling decals, and static cling decals. Static cling and window cling business decals have no adhesive, but rather a cling surface that can be applied to smooth glass, plastic and metal surfaces, and present no problem to remove should the necessity arise. Static cling and window cling business decals are available in white and clear material. D-Lux also has a material for window decals and static cling business decals that also comes in white or clear, which is called ultra cling. Ultra cling is like static cling, but it has a removable adhesive on it which is ideal when a little extra adhesion is required. Static cling business decals can be removed and repositioned after application.

Static cling business decals can also be removed and saved for a later date and they do not leave a sticky residue when removed. D-Lux offers the window business decals specifically designed to be applied to glass windows. D-Lux Screen Printing's window business decals usually have a permanent adhesive. When the need for static cling decals or window business decals arises to help an organization to find a better method to differentiate the company from the competition it is time to contact D-Lux, the business decals experts. Corporate and small businesses invest a great deal of time and money to arrive at a decision regarding the company logo and D-Lux Screen Printing can help with quality screen printed nameplates, labels and business decals to show off the efforts. D-Lux will provide custom color matching business decals to match the corporate logo colors. D-Lux Screen Printing allows the use of colors that are not available with traditional four color printing process. This is why IBM Blue, Coca-Cola Red cannot be printed with four color process inks. D-Lux can offer printing techniques that allow most logos to be screen printed.






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